ZakarpatEnergoKomplekt -


“ZakarpatEnergoKomplekt” offers full work packages of constructionon turnkey basis – design, building, electric installation work and guarantee maintenance (License AB 441744):

  • searching and obtaining title to land;
  • siting; 
  •   developing of construction documents;
  • mounting of reinforced concrete self-supporting towers up to  40 m  and metallic towers up to 70 m;
  • mounting of antenna-feeder eguipment;
  • construction and maintaining power lines with voltage  0,4-110 kV;
  • handing-over of the objects to state commission;
  • maintaining of the constructed objects.

Services of the laboratory of measurements and tests (Certificate  PB-0038-08):

  • measuring of resistance of earthing and insulation, current strength of short-circuit  “phase-null”;
  • trouble-free assurance testing of the protective eguipment (steeplejacking and safety belts, crampons, etc.).

Engineering eguipment and motor vehicles cargo transportation in Ukraine and abroad (License  №485020):

  • Mercedes-Benz Actros  22 t / 40 cub;
  • Mercedes-Benz Actros   refrigerator-Thermo King 20 t / 86 cub;
  • motorized  crane KC-557  30 t (jib  42 m) ;
  • motorized  crane  KTA-25  25 t;
  • hole-borer, excavator;
  • tractors,  tractor-trailer;
  • pole  tractor  СК-26 m;
  • trucks MAZ,  KAMAZ.